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Peace. Hope. Joy. My goal is for you to find these somewhere in the pages of my books and this website. Once I got past my turbulent teens, I found them. Over forty years later I haven’t lost them. Now that I’m retired, I wanted to share what changed my life with anyone who may be looking for those three things.

Yes, the answer involves God, our Creator. If you would prefer to look elsewhere, I understand. I was an atheist once. That didn’t work for me. But religion wasn’t my cup of tea either, and still isn’t. I hope that makes you skeptical and curious, because that’s my approach.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I disagree. Alcohol, drugs, suicidal thoughts—those things nearly killed me, and none of them made me stronger. What made me stronger was what rescued me from those things—peace, hope, and joy. One day someone pointed me toward Jesus and said He had those things for me. I was skeptical, but curious. They were right.

I soon discovered the truth of Jesus came wrapped in a package called religion. Sometimes it takes a while to rip through that outer covering. Often there are people who don’t appreciate you making a mess of the pretty decorations they worked so hard to create.

Having said that, what I’m offering also comes in a package. I won’t just throw a new jacket under a Christmas tree and call it a gift. I, too, have worked hard to create books and other writings that entertain. I throw in action and adventure, humor and romance, all in an effort to keep you coming back for more. I’ve spent thousands of hours trying to keep the stories true to the Bible, but also characteristic of the real world.

In this world right now, peace, hope, and joy are becoming elusive. I have to admit it bothers me to see the troubles of mankind on the rise. But the Bible points to a time when things will be different. A time when weapons aren’t needed, and war isn’t even studied. In the Mojave books (ArcPoint book series), I work to create a view into that era. To see how life may change if selfish motives are replaced with charitable inclinations.

I hope you have the joy that comes with the peace of God. And like me, that joy hasn’t been interrupted through a pandemic, riots, storms, and rumors of war. If so, you’ll relate to what I have written. If not, give at least the first book, Mojave Rift, a try.


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