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John Gilbert Wozniak is a Christian fiction writer with a knack for stories, research, and rock hunting. He and his wife are life-long Oregon residents with a passion for discovering the beauty in rocks and the One who created them. John's goal is to create rather than destroy, conserve rather than waste, hope rather than despair, and to laugh rather than weep. These goals have served him well, even when he was determined to remain an atheist.

Life altering experiences drove John to write his second book: Escaping Ignorance—Pursuing Wisdom: More Than 150 Stories Revealing God’s Grace, Guidance, and Goodness in the Life of a Former Atheist. He's been writing ever since, honing his skills, and making headway with editing and self-publishing.

Before retiring, John worked as an international trouble-shooter for data-center cooling. He now draws readily from his years in research to shape realistic environments for his characters. Mojave Rift, the award-winning first book in his post-apocalyptic series, takes place many decades from now in the once desert regions of California. John has spent thousands of hours researching science trends and comparing them to Bible prophecy for this series. “I’ve sought expert advice in computers, energy, climatology, genetics, botany, geology, transportation, and other fields.”


John is also having a lot of fun creating characters who are admirable without being super-human. He writes characters who lend a helping hand rather than a swift kick. He’s met those kinds of people, and tries hard to emulate them. Many of their positive traits are portrayed in the characters of John’s books.  ”In the Bible, I discovered predictions for a time when these attitudes would be normal, without being forced. My desire is for the reader to discover the same hope I did.”

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