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Book #1 in the ArcPoint Series

Silver Place Winner - Reader's Favorite

Arcon’s people have been trapped for a century in a dense forest. He wants out. There is a world waiting for him to discover. And Elaina. Blocking his way is a huge canyon called the Rift.  His people forbid him to get near it. Her people are forbidden to cross it. God help him.
Mojave Rift is a speculative look at the future of mankind, combining down-to-earth science with Bible prophecy. Filled with action and adventure, this post-apocalyptic tale avoids the murder and mayhem of a typical dystopian setting. Where suspicion and fear once divided us, discovery of truth seeks to unite. 

Adventurous, uplifting, and a fresh take on the future tomorrow.

What a delight to read! Clean and wholesome and loaded with adventure and intrigue with just a peppering of humor. A unique and original perspective on the possibility of the world to come. Each of the characters makes you feel like you've known them for years, or that you want to. The plot moves quickly and unexpectedly leaving you perpetually telling yourself "just one more chapter"! I can't wait for the next book to come out so I can see how the story evolves and find out what happens in the lives of "my friends". [Amazon eBook customer review]


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