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Author's Note About Deleted Scenes

In the course of writing the ArcPoint book series, a lot of time was spent researching science trends. I wondered: What will life be like two hundred years from now? For fifty years we’ve been told we have fifty years’ worth of fossil fuels left, yet here we are, still reliant on them. But innovation is finally allowing us to trend toward other solutions.

I enjoy putting my speculations to paper, creating what I think the future could be like. I try to avoid the obviously impossible and the ideological, and instead focus on practical solutions to world problems that could possibly take place. Only time will tell if they do.

There’s just one problem. Scientific details can be boring, especially the real stuff. But it’s good information, so it can be found under the blog category: ArcPoint Science. For anyone interested in how I came to some strange conclusion (such as a dense forest in the Mojave Desert), look there. Some I deleted from the books to keep the action moving. I’ve provided this blog category location as a place to put those deleted scenes.

Many of these deleted stories have been taken from the fourth book, Mojave Lee – For the Love of ArcPoint. That book covers most of the time frame where these changes took place. I’ve tried to ensure there are no spoilers. I’ll warn you beforehand if there are.

I also carried out a lot of research into Bible prophecies. I searched specifically for references to future events that have not yet happened. I found a lot. Again, too much of anything can get tedious. Much of that information can be found under the blog category Bible of ArcPoint. Some of it can be found in the books themselves. Where it was written for the series, then deleted, it can be found amongst the blog's Deleted Scenes.


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