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Book 3 of the ArcPoint Series


Arcon has returned to ArcPoint—reluctantly. This was not part of his plan. A butterfly should not return to its cocoon, or a baby chick to its shell. Sightseeing with Elaina was more like it. The comfort of familiar surroundings could not overcome the excitement of discovering new things.


Elaina’s search and rescue training hadn't prepared her for milking goats. Arcon told her this would just be a visit, but what had she just heard him say to Jarden? He wants to find a spot to build a home?


Ranger Dan has no training in governing humans. Plants, animals, and the land they use—this he understands. To make matters worse, he’s never known people like those in ArcPoint. What he wouldn't give for a standard operation procedure manual.


To learn all of their fates, they must travel to Jerusalem and face the most powerful people on earth—Central Authority. Their judgment will be swift and final. Beyond them, appeal can only be made to one individual—Jesus himself. 

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