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Cliff Montgomery had intensely studied and written about primitive peoples throughout the world. He had seen bizarre rituals meant to appease various gods, and had witnessed supernatural events supposedly caused by these gods. Although intrigued, he remained an agnostic-atheist. He didn't think the spirit world existed, and he didn't care. Not until that bizarre world entered his own. A tragic accident had stolen his beloved wife from him decades earlier, and now cancer was about to take his life. Suddenly the fear of what would happen to him after that flat-line moment overwhelmed him. Reincarnation, enlightenment, heaven, hell, it all became a cesspool of words in his mind. After that moment, he had to end up where HE wanted to end up, and that was together with his wife again. But he knew her "karma" was completely different than his. If the God that his wife loved actually existed, He was capable of keeping them apart, and would do so. His window of opportunity to discover the truth, and alter the outcome, was rapidly running out.


Jack Watchman knew the truth, and he knew God. But he disliked how religion and tradition distorted the knowledge of God. And he disliked Cliff Montgomery. These two opposing world views were about to collide.


The author leads a tortured soul through the mine fields of religion and the spirit world in order to revea