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Mojave Man is the much anticipated sequel to the award-winning Christian fiction adventure story, Mojave Rift. Arcon is a free man, no longer restrained by the cocoon of the Mojave Forest. But there is a cost to freedom. Until his presence in the outside world is approved by the Authorities, he must be quarantined. They'll have to find him first.


Elaina struggles to conceal Arcon from a tenacious reporter. Adding to her battle is a larger-than-life camp owner witha hidden agenda, her conflicted father, and a young man too naive to be a successful fugitive.


Ranger Dan is caught in the middle-motivated to give Arcon his freedom, and duty-bound to contain him. His temporary solution is personal, but the final remedy will hit closer to home than he could have imagined.

MOJAVE MAN - Book 2 of the ArcPoint Series

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  • Mojave Man, Book 2 of the Arcpoint Series by J.W. Gilbert.

    Product Details:
    Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7344212-3-1
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-7344212-2-4
    Publisher: J.W. Gilbert
    Publication date: November 2022
    Series: Book 2 of the Arcpoint Series
    Pages: 240
    Product dimensions: 6"(w) x 9"(h) x .6"(d)
    Language: English

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